Shooting photos for the Literary Death Match Boston (in Cambridge)


Little did I know that bringing my and my wife's Nikon D90 to the Literary Death Match at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA, would lead my photos to be showcased on the LDM website a week later.

Soon after I walked in and played around with the settings of my camera, co-host Kirsten Sims spotted me and we agreed that I would send them a couple of photos if I found any of good quality. I doubted much would come out because of the poorly lit room. Poorly lit from a photographer's point of view, anyway; from a spectator in this literary combat zone, it was quite comfy.

Brief synopsis of what the heck LDM is:

LDM is just a really fun social event that pits four writers to combat. Their weapons are a selected piece of their own writing, which they must read and/or perform. There are three other writers who judge them in two rounds, followed by one crazy finale round.

So on this night we had writer Kelly Link and writer/poet Charles Coe in one round, and Elizabeth Searle and Tim Horvath (who I've twice had as a Grub Street instructor) in another. Link and Searle won their rounds, and Searle went on to win the LDM medal.

They were judged by writers Jennifer Haigh and Steve Almond, and writer/comedian Steve Macone.

There were many cool people there; I talked with only a couple. As soon as I knew LDM was possibly interested in seeing my photos, I went into photojournalist mode.

As it turns out, my constant fiddling with the controls of the camera gave me a sizable number of great pics. I shot like a madman — more than 700 shots! — and the following weekend on my PC, I deleted all the blurry shots. From the 200 or so questionably good ones, I whittled it down to 90, yes 90, that were of somewhat amazing quality.

I uploaded all 90 to Flickr to my LDM Flickr set, and from there LDM founder Todd Zuniga asked for 10. And now eight of those 10 are up on the LDM website, at the LDM100/Boston's Partying Shots page. And for a while, the above photo (my favorite) was shown as part of the LDM homepage slideshow.

For an aspiring writer, this unexpected turn of events with photography made for an exciting week. I was riding on a high.

Now, for your enjoyment, is a Flickr slideshow of all 90 photos. You can click on the bottom right icon to view it full screen, which I highly recommend.