Jennet Durdyeva Norman, artist and model


“Stanley is amazing!!! He surprised me in all aspects. It was an excellent experience.

“He was so easy to work with. Professional, responsible, has an artist eye and he is just simply a wonderful person. He did a magnificent job from start to finish. …

“I’m a little picky when it comes to photographs of me but in his case, almost all of them were my favorite. And I absolutely loved his editing! He made sure that I was fully satisfied.

“He is super responsive over all contacts! I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again and again.”


Deonna Kelli Sayed, writer and 2018 Greensboro Bound Festival coordinator


“Stan honors a writer's eye behind the camera. He recognizes intriguing moments and highlights visual narrative arcs with profound insight. He documented Greensboro Bound's first year with perfection: the joy of the event, the diversity, the awe of pulling off a successful first literary festival.

“Stan is professional and delightful. He is easy to work with and he intuitively knows how to capture the essence of an event.”


Charles Fiore, communications director, North Carolina Writers' Network, ncwriters.org

Jill McCorkle and Robin Muira chatting with others at the NCWN Spring Conference 2018.

Jill McCorkle and Robin Muira chatting with others at the NCWN Spring Conference 2018.

“Stanley Dankoski has a knack for offering up moments when people briefly let their guard down. His subjects feel authentic and invite us to look more closely. Although nearly 200 people attended our event, Stanley's photographs reflect an intimate and personal experience. Time after time, Stanley captures the moment of impact, be it a laugh, a revelation, or the moment someone finally throws up their hands in exasperation. It's all here, every human element.”


Suzanne Kingsbury, award-winning author and founder of Gateless Writers


“Stanley Dankoski is a phenomenal photographer. 

“What is so outstanding about his work is that he is able to not only catch the complexity of the human spirit with his lens, but he infuses the entire event and its participants with almost ephemeral light, creating eye-catching images that are distinct to him in the industry. 

“I have had him photograph my Gateless writing retreats and teacher training retreats and no matter what, the effect is stunning!

“He goes beyond photography and into an amazing observation of the depth and beauty of the human spirit.”


Nina Hart, writer and founder of Writing from the Top of Your Head

Nina Hart by Stanley Dankoski-2.jpg

“I’m a writer, and though I dread photo shoots, working with Stan was a breeze. ... He’s highly creative, intuitive, and funny, which put me at ease. If you’re a writer who needs standout photos, I most highly recommend Stan!”


Ben Brill, multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of children’s music duo Dolphin Bum Bum


“Working with Stanley is an excellent experience all around. He has technical skill, an artistic eye, and is great to interact with. He clearly cares about what he does and works hard to get great results.”


Stacey Resnikoff, writer

“Stan has an artist’s eye and heart. Quietly, he surveys the scene, finds the moment, and snaps The Photo (caps intentional). As a writer, Stan is already a dedicated presenter of moments, and as a photographer, he extends this honed skill into the visual. ... I can recommend Stan in any artistic role.”


Jessica Berlin, jessicaberlin.com

“Stanley is a very giving and thoughtful person. He helped me get one of my very first clients in my new business because he saw what I was doing and had an idea to connect me with someone he knew who he thought I might be able to help. That person ended up being a wonderful client for me, and I thank Stanley for connecting us! If he can help you, he will. And he takes amazing photographs as well – I just wish I lived closer to him, so I could use him as my own photographer!”